Thursday, August 25

Hairy Haverdashery of Hibiscuits

Chilling with a few friends, we're headed somewhere and for some reason we're taking a back road that happens to have a train track in the middle of it. we're stuck on the track so i decide to push all by myself. as i push the car out of the way a train comes out of fuckin' nowhere and seperates me and the vehicle. after waiting forever and a half the train finally comes to an end but lo and behold the car isn't there. they left me and my phone was in their car so i can't communicate with them. so i decide to walk onward but as soon as i pass the tracks i'm in a totally different area. I find myself atop a cliff, i could see a huge river at the very bottom and nothing but greenery as far as the eye can see. I decide to continue walking onward, no point in stopping, and i notice a head pop out from the side of the cliff, i make my way toward it. there's some steps alongside the cliff and a large group of people just sitting amongst these steps watching the river flow, as if they were bleachers at a football stadium. I find a familiar face and ask if i can use his phone to contact everyone else. Someone picks up almost immediately, they're telling me that they see me, i'm standing on the other side of the railroad tracks staring at them, frozen solid like a statue. One of them apparently comes to carry me to them but as soon as he crosses the tracks the phone goes dead. i call someone else and they inform me that that person has disappeared into thin air. I find myself stuck somewhere in my mind unable to release myself from this illusion. All of a sudden my friend makes his way down the steps and hails me down. We converse for a sort while.

And then i awaken, i head to the bathroom and wash my hands where i see a silverfish and flush it down. I continue to lather and rinse my hands when the water turns to a spray of silverfish that sting my hands. They immediately swell up and explode like water balloons; blood gushing out but my face is expressionless. i think to myself i should've seen this coming. Again i'm teleported back on the stairs atop the river; except i lose my balance and fall to the very bottom. still a bit concious i see my blood attracted to the river like pure magnetism. As soon as my blood touches the water the river turns into flames. Everyone screams and they run in all directions, pushing others out of their way. Bodies piling on top of me; unable to move and slowly falling asleep. I try to save myself; but i cannot.